Little Boy PlayingChoosing how your child will be educated in the early formative years can be the most important decision you make regarding your child's future. Early education has a lifetime impact.

Montessori Learning Center - Ventura is about life, growth and development. This approach is to help the children help themselves. Montessori is a great way to educate children, but not everyone understands the benefit.

In the Montessori setting, the children learn at their own rate. In a traditional classroom, all the children are learning the same thing and moving through the curriculum at the same rate. We know each child has different abilities and interests. Some excel in math where as others excel in language. Since children are so different, it is unrealistic to expect them to learn at the same rate. In the Montessori environment, the child is neither held back nor pushed forward to the learning rate of other children.

One of Maria Montessori’s (the founder of Montessori education) goals was to teach children how to concentrate. This is an important skill for learning. This skill is largely ignored in the traditional school system. A Montessori day is structured so that a child’s focus is never interrupted by having to move to the next lesson before finishing the current one.

Children learn in different styles. Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners, some learn through body movement feeling. Some use a combination of several styles. Montessori teachers' training and use of deductive materials reinforce this. Montessori accommodates all learning styles.

Montessori's aim is to provide the child to explore his / her interest to the fullest. 

Montessori classrooms are specially prepared and carefully designed to ensure the children have freedom to learn, and the ability to explore their interests to the fullest. A young child who enters the new environment is given more direction at first, but as the child grows in confidence and experience he / she is allowed to make more decision for him / herself.

A Montessori classroom is a place where children learn order. This provides the sense of security and comfort they need to become self-directed. In a Montessori classroom the child is treated with respect and dignity. The Montessori environment helps the child to achieve independence and also to build self-esteem.

Is Montessori for every child? The answer is yes. There is no child who would not benefit from a Montessori education. Montessori works for every child, no matter who they are, or where they come from.

Why does Montessori have mixed ages? We mix ages because Maria Montessori discovered that putting older and younger (2 years – 4 ¾ years) children together helps them learn from each other. Older children can be useful and helpful to the younger ones. The younger children, in turn, have role models to follow and help them to integrate into the classroom. We have found that this instills a lifelong love of learning, which prepares the children to successfully go in any direction their skills and interests may take them.


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